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A Gazette is an Official record book where all unique government subtleties are spelled out, itemized, and recorded for public notice.
The gazette will show the networks or towns that have been conceded excision and the number of sections of land or hectares of land that the government had purposely given to the public use or to a customary family.
It is inside those extracted sections of land or hectares that the customary family is qualified to offer its territories to the general population and nothing outside those hectares of land given or extracted to them.
It is within those excised acres or hectares that the traditional family is entitled to sell its lands to the public and not anything outside those hectares of land given or excised to them.

A land with Gazette is a very useful title and can replace a Certificate of Occupancy to the Villagers.
So a community or a family who owns a gazette can only sell lands to an individual within those lands that have been marked excised to them and also the community or family head of that land has the right to sign documents for you if you purchase lands within those excised acres or hectares of land.

So Is a Land With a Gazette Title good to Buy?
Land with a gazette is not a title but land that has been excised is a good title land to buy.
Still, be warned that you have to verify all land documents. I like pointing out to due diligence in all land transactions.

Can the government revoke land with Gazette Title?
Yes, they can revoke but it is not a common trend and this can be to some reasons known to them if they decide to revoke. Maybe it’s for community infrastructure, it all depends on what it is.
Also, note that you will be compensated as long as the land is within the excised land with a genuine land document.

How Can I know If a Land has Gazette?
The ideal approach to know whether the land is Gazetted is to hire a surveyor. A surveyor will chart the area of land and take it to the surveyor general’s office within your state to do land data to affirm whether it falls inside the gazette and explain which specific area it tends to be found.

What is the Difference Between Gazette and Excision
Excision really means a segment of land that is lawfully delivered to native pilgrims by state or government.
In this way, such bit of land is legitimately liberated or free from government securing it or free from government acquisition.

How do these (Excision and Gazette) relate to the C of O? Or does it mean that when you have either Excision or Gazette you don’t need C of O any longer?
when you have either of these, I mean original ones, you don’t need C of O.
Note that excision does not expire while C of O expires after 99 years. The only advantage C of O has over excision is that it can be used as collateral for getting a loan from the bank.

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