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Real estate consultants often specialize in working with one type of business, but some may work with a variety of clients.Here are some examples of common types of real estate consulting.

Property Development
Real estate consultants are hired to advise on commercial and real estate development projects from start to finish. This may involve researching potential sites for the development, conducting feasibility reports, and running competitive analyses.
Consultants who work for developers usually have a background in sales or marketing. Developers look to consultants to provide insight into buyer trends to produce a property that is both competitive and unusual in the market. Some real estate consultants also work with interior designers.

Real Estate Investors
Investors looking to add real estate to their portfolio may hire a real estate consultant to help manage the process. In this role, the real estate consultant conducts economic analysis to ensure the investment is a sound financial decision for the buyer.
This may start with an analysis of the pricing, supply, and demand of the property type or location. The consultant then evaluates the marketability of the property to determine profits under current market conditions. The outcomes of this research are used to estimate the risk to the buyer and the potential return on investment. The consultant may also review property appraisals and insurance policies.

Consulting Firms
Large consulting firms offer a wide range of services to help determine the value of a development project or real estate investment. They provide real estate consulting services to real estate investment trusts (REITs), other investors, lenders, business owners, and corporate real estate groups. Real estate consultants who work for consulting firms perform due diligence, conduct market studies, and offer lease advisory and portfolio services. They also assist with real estate portfolio positioning, strategy, and financial analytics and modeling.

Residential Clients
Some real estate agents offer consulting services in addition to their normal real estate business. In this case, the consultant would help the buyer determine whether a purchase was a good investment. They will consider the buyer’s goals and look at all aspects of a potential transaction. Because they are not working for commission, the consultant is able to provide advice that is completely objective and unbiased.

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