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It’s that time of the year again.
Suddenly the cloud gets so dark, the wind blowing so fast.
Yes, we are still in the rainy season, and this is the best time to buy that property.

A great amount of time, energy and resources go into looking for dry, secure, and affordable land to invest in.
A lot of investors acquire property, during the dry season and are excited about their investment, when the rain starts it gets flooded,
People start to panic, reject and a fight for a refund?
Safe yourself that stress and make that wise decision today, come out and inspect that property.

Retention of water
During the rainy season, it’s easy to tell the flow of water around the area and especially on the parcel you would be interested in.
By scheduling the visit during or after the rainy season, you are in a better position to witness or rather view the flow of water as well as the soil water retention in the land as opposed to taking the risk and later regretting because of the above-mentioned concerns.

Once you get a good offer and confirm that the land you want is nowhere near flood-prone areas or sources of water, ensuring that the roads leading to the location are passable is of utmost concern. By visiting during or after the rains, you are able to make a better judgment on whether or not you will be able to access your property come rain, come sunshine, literally speaking.
If the roads are passable when it rains, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about, and you have found a good plot.

Land is a very profitable business venture, especially around major urban settlement areas. Industry players attribute the fast growth to the fact that being an asset the value of land appreciates over time.
Besides buying non-existent parcels of land from conmen, most individuals stand the risk of purchasing a parcel of land in flood-prone areas or along water paths.

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