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Define your target market and audience

If you promote your real estate business to everyone, you’ll wind up with a very unfocused marketing campaign. Creating a brand that appeals to everyone is entirely too overwhelming and not feasible. To sell your product (homes) or services (ability to sell properties), you must know your customer. What do you want your niche to be? What is your expertise? Knowing your strengths help when determining what demographic to target.

Develop your personal brand and awareness

Develop a personal brand, where potential clients associate you with a certain type of property or service, who you are as a trusted person to the community and differentiate you from your competition. Develop a brand message that teach your customers what to think about your business.

They also give insight on the tone of your brand. Work on your 60-sec pitch and develop your slogan. Build brand awareness that are consistent with your brand message using videos, print/ digital materials and all marketing campaigns. Consider local sponsorships to build your brand, Manage your online reputation.

Define your marketing strategy and campaign plans

By the time you do work on this slide, you would have understood your competition, your marketplace, your audience and who you are. You need to work deeper on understanding that customer, what they buy and how they buy. You may have several customer segments that you want to market to e.g. new clients, base clients, partners.

You may want to prioritise your efforts then expand on it? You need to work on your offers that appeal to that audience. You need to define your marketing goals, budgets, timeline, resources and metrics for success. Then work out an integrated campaign plan targeting that audience based on their lifecycle with you leading with your brand and personalising each touch point. Consider how you would manage your campaigns and measure success.

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