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The Land Use Act During the early 80s, precisely on March 1978, the land use act was promulgated. Prior to this time, traditional families and communities maintained absolute control over large portions of real estate. The land is either dedicated for personal use or leased out for other agricultural purposes. The Governor of a state...


Other Escrow Responsibilities Let’s talk about the other aspects that escrow is responsible for in a transaction. Aside from the stipulations that have to be met, they are involved with other areas of the transaction such as: PROPERTY TITLE What is the property title? The property title is the transfer of ownership from the seller...


A real estate consultant provides expert advice and recommendations to clients looking to purchase or develop property. Real estate consultants generally work with commercial real estate investors rather than residential buyers and sellers. They are also referred to as “real estate counselors” or “real estate advisors.” Real estate consultants typically have a real estate license...

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Over the years, we can agree that investment is actually the way forward in securing a better future. Some investments might not seem satisfying at the initials but tend to bring smiles on the faces of the investors at the long run. There are a thousand businesses one can venture into, ranging from car dealership,...

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