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That question ever crosses your mind? Why invest in land ? For many, it sure has. But really, why is so essential to invest in a land? There are varying perspectives undoubtedly. But the truth is investments in real estate brings about great gain.

But is it?

Incredibly few realize or act with the realization that real estate appreciates in value over time and with the economic issues in Nigeria within the last decade, consumers have been granted a first-hand look at the volatility of real estate and land as a tool for investment.

Shall we cut to the chase? Investment in land is not just wise, but profitable. The trick, however, is the simplicity and stability that comes with owning the right piece of land, and when purchased at the right price, this can far outweigh the myriad of problems that comes with any other type of real estate. If you’ve overlooked land as a viable investment opportunity in the past, then it’s about time you looked inwards and see the immense potential in the real estate business for what it truly is.

Some points to consider:

Land is very Inexpensive to Own as a Long-Term Investment.

When you buy a piece of land for the right price, there are no mortgage payments to make, no utility bills to pay, and the cost of property insurance is nominal (if you any at all). If you want to park your cash somewhere and forget about it, land could be exactly the investment vehicle you’re looking for.

Land Gives its Owner Peace of Mind.

Think about it – land is a long-term, tangible asset that doesn’t wear out, doesn’t depreciate, and nothing can get broken, stolen or destroyed. Put all these benefits together with your ability to buy it for next to nothing – Can you think of a better combination?

They Aren’t Making Any More of It.

Most people don’t think of land this way, but the reality is – land is an extremely valuable resource with limited quantities available. Especially when you purchase land along the path of growth, you will find yourself with a finite asset that a lot of other people want to get their hands on. Stocks,  mutual funds and all make sense in certain scenarios, and so does land. If you go into this with the intent of holding the right property for the long-term, it makes a lot more sense (and a lot more profitable) than any other retirement vehicle out there.

Land investing is a real Opportunity

I’ll be completely honest with you. Land investing is without question, the most powerful strategy towards achieving financial success and freedom.

With Land, You Don’t Need to “DO” Anything to the Property.

Forget construction! Forget renovations! You don’t need to be an expert or know anything about how to rehabilitate a property yourself. In most cases, you only need to know one thing: “Does the property have buildability”? If yes, a huge part of the battle is already won.

Should you invest in real estate?

Your guess is as good as anyone’s.

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